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Reform the Fisheries Act!

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on 11/25/2016








Government needs to have the ability to charge companies for destroying vital fish habitat. There needs to be strict regulations so that damaged fish habitats are cleaned up. There need to be enough trained enforcement staff to ensure orders are followed. The provision that outlawed the “harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat” needs to be returned to the Act.

How has the DFO not laid a single charge of damaging fish habitat since 2012, despite almost 1,900 complaints nation-wide? This boggles the mind. 

Habitat protection is critical. In the words of former fisheries minister Roméo LeBlanc: "The chain of life extending to the whole open ocean depends on bogs, marshes, mudflats, and other ‘useless-looking’ places that ruin your shoes. Biologists have likened these areas to the corn fields and wheat fields on the ocean. These rich shore areas support salmon, lobster, herring and other local populations; their influence extends for hundreds of miles, even to the rockiest shorelines. They are the irreplaceable nurseries of fisheries' well-being.” (Found here:

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