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Restore DFO Capacity

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on 11/25/2016








DFO currently lacks the capacity to effectively monitor and protect habitat and enforce the Act. While there may be advantages to centralization, the capacity for staff with local knowledge is severely limited.

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Joyce Evans By Anonymous

Agree with this statement. There is not enough enforcement and site visits by DFO for industrial activities in and around water. More audits occur on NEB-regulated projects, however, many projects are regulated provincially and may not ever get the same level of enforcement (depending on that provinces regulations). This causes negative consequences for fish habitat when industry may not implement the proper mitigation measures (e.g., due to poorly trained construction staff and lack of experience working around water) and the issues may never get corrected. Pure self regulation does not work and a better or more balanced combination of self assessment for low risk activities and government involvement is necessarily.

Also agree, there is a lack of local knowledge in DFO now for reviewing projects when the review center is centralized. For example, Ontario staff may not be very familiar with pipeline/oil and gas activities.

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