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What modern safeguards should be instituted in order to ensure appropriate protections for fish and fish habitat?

Offsetting and Habitat Banking

Theme:Conservation and Protection of Fish & Fish Habitat
on 11/25/2016








While offsetting is meant as a last resort if an impact cannot be prevented or mitigated, in some cases, it is inevitable. Currently, offsetting is done on a project-by-project basis with an effort to complete the offset near the area of impact. DFO needs to explore more fully the concept of habitat banking. Major restoration works could be completed in areas that have been heavily impacted in the past if offsetting from multiple projects could be applied to fewer large projects.

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David d'Entremont By David d'Entremont

I like your idea. Rather than protecting or restoring little habitat pieces in a scattered, uncoordinated patchwork across the landscape, we would be much better off combining offsets into massive protection projects that protect and/or expand large blocks of habitat that will necessarily function better than tiny fragments.With that said, offsetting should definitely remain a last resort. It is far too slippery a slope, and is weak large organizations determined to push something through.

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